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The NFT Animated Series!

Join the adventure and grab a collectible NFT to join the DogePack. NFT holders gain access to the Doge House where they can vote on the direction of the story, qualify for airdrops, gain access to exclusive content, and more!

SuperDoge Main

First Episode Coming Soon


Meet The Heroes

HOLLYWOOD, a cigar-chomping Chihuahua hails from Eastern Europe where he used to be a TV child star. Always ready with a quick comeback - usually in the form of a groan-out-loud pun - Hollywood cares first and foremost about one thing - Hollywood - while constantly making meta comments on the action and rewriting the script for his future showbiz comeback… any day now.
SUPERDOGE, the leader of the DogePack, is a street Shiba Inu with a troubled past, ever ready to lay his life on the line for any fellow animal in danger. Unable to look anything but noble and majestic at all times, his greatest weaknesses are fire hydrants and frisbees.
LEME, a slim Husky who likes her fur trim, her nails French, and her clothes not too matchy-matchy, is one really cool bitch. The brain of the group, she has a secret crush on SUPERDOGE - that she won’t let anyone sniff out.


Is an entertainment & media-based blockchain technology project utilizing NFTs to create positive change & community enrichment.

SuperDoge is a deflationary cryptocurrency built on the Binance smart chain platform, incorporating a smart contract that yields allocated rewards from each transaction to charities and token holders.


Buying SuperDoge Is Easy

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NFT Collections

SuperDoge is the first of 3 NFT collections being released.

Buy your SuperDoge NFT and take a shot at minting a super rare Legendary card.


The SuperDoge NFT Сollection

10,000 doges
25 eyes
5 rarity levels
30 headpieces
40 outfits
25 mouths
25 skins
30 accessories

Join The DogePack

Gain access to the Doge House
Your collectible NFT acts like a key and gives you access to the Doge House where you can join the DogePack and gain access to exclusive behind the scenes content, vote on the direction of the story, and more.
Control the direction of the story by voting
The DogePack will be able to vote on certain aspects of the story and help to shape the SuperDoge universe and cast of characters.
Qualify for future airdrops of Hollywood and Leme tokens
In the future we will release tokens for Hollywood and Leme where we will setup DeFi yield farming and additional charity partnerships. In order to qualify for the airdrops you must hold a SuperDoge NFT collectible.
Gain access to exclusive content
NFT holders will gain access to behind the scenes content and have the opportunity to hop on group brainstorming sessions with the SuperDoge writers led by Emmy nominated writer Adam Gilad.
Access to the metaverse
In the future, we will recreate the SuperDoge universe in the metaverse where each NFT holder will have their own plot of land associated with their NFT.
Mint your rare SuperDoge NFT collectible Coming Soon
Mint a free NFT collectible Coming Soon

Mint Your SuperDoge NFT


Rookie Card Series

The Rookie Card Series is the first and most lucrative NFT collectible ever made for the SuperDoge series.

To obtain a Rookie Card NFT you must be a top 100 $SUPDOG holder in order to qualify for the airdrop. Every Rookie Card comes with a super power that will benefit your SuperDoge experience.

Name: Hollywood
Breed: Chihuahua
Bio: A bad boy with a bad attitude always ready to pick a fight.
Super Power: Unknown
AIRDROP: 01/11/21
Name: SuperDoge
Breed: Street Shiba Inu
Bio: Leader of the DogePack and a major pain the Fiat Cats butt.
Super Power: Holders of the SuperDoge Rookie card will be granted 2 votes in the charity vote process.
Name: Leme
Breed: Husky
Bio: Master of technology and always the smartest Doge in the room.
Super Power: Unknown

Charity Card Series

2% of every transaction goes directly to our charity partners.

Every 3 months the community votes on which charities to support. Click the button below to participate in the vote or to submit an application for your charity.

*100% of the proceeds from the Charity Card Series go directly to the charities.*


1,000,000,000 $SUPDOG
  • 6% total tax per transaction
  • 2% permanently burned
  • 2% weighted distribution to holders
  • 2% sent to charity wallets
  • 25% unlocked 1.25 months after launch
  • 50% unlocked 2.5 months after launch
  • 75% unlocked 3.75 months after launch
  • 100% unlocked 5 months after launch
  • 5% unlocked 24 hours after launch
  • 5% unlocked every day after


What we’ve achieved, with more to come